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  Prolific Publishing, Inc. :: Utilities :: FTPGadget - Windows

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  FTPGadget - Windows
FTPGadget is a very silly name for a simple program that lets you upload and download files across the internet.

There are a handful of programs out there that already do this, but there are none that are being built from the ground up featuring Pro-Active Heuristics™. FTPGadget is being built piece by piece to help you accomplish your goals, which means that every requester and every possible error condition is weighed against YOUR VALUABLE TIME.

As an example, if you download a file, and the transmission is broken, FTPGadget will automatically resume this for you. If you attempt to copy a group of files, and the destination directory already has some files with these names, you are offered the option to overwrite, skip, and the ever important "do it, but give it a unique postfix." These features are designed from the point of view that we don't want to annoy the user (which includes us), but instead just get the work done.

We have added a few bells and whistles that make FTPGadget a truly great utility. For example, there is a complete lack of self touting bells and whistles, like millions of menus. As a matter of fact, FTPGadget has been made so simple that it doesn't even have menus. Check it out and see what you think.

FTPGadget has several dozen little features like this that simply make it an easier utility to use. We welcome your feedback, and plan on continually improving FTPGadget until it meets all of our needs.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Version Number 1.0
Platform Windows or Linux
Price: $8.00

Quantity 1 ( Digital download only )

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FTPGadget - Windows 

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