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Cutting edge design brought Prolific to the attention of Boeing.

Several years ago Boeing began an aggressive plan to dominate the multi-billion dollar in-air tanker refueling market, attracting the U.S. Military, and international interests.

At the forefront, the Remote Aerial Refueling Operator II (RARO II). The days of the boom operator lying flat on the floor of the airplane were to come to an end.

The new design allows the operator a fly-by-wire and fully computerized control system.

Prolific works with Boeing building a fully integrated system which includes a real-time rendered photo-realistic demonstrator augmented by 3D electronic goggles, and multiple networked computers.

Boeing Aerospace

Farnborough International AirShow

"The biggest crowd at the Boeing booth was around the 767 RARO II, an interactive demonstrator of a cockpit refueling boom Boeing has designed for its new 767 tankers." - Seattle Times