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Any time someone clicks through your Affiliate link to our site, and makes a purchase, no matter what they buy, you get a percentage!

Some of our affiliates receive thousands of dollars every month. You can put the Affiliate link we send you on your site, or the sites of friends, in emails, in articles, or news, or personally written statements on your website. You can even print this on a flyer. We strongly discourage spamming.

As long as the link has your unique Affiliate code, you will get a percentage of every sale that comes from your link. It just does not get any easier than this!


We pay once a month, in US dollars.

There is a one time $200 fee to cover our set-up cost, server side scripting, banner creation, accounting, etc. This is deducted from initial sales generated by your link(s) before the first payment is made to you.

We pay 30 days after the end of any month. We accumulate your earnings, and pay after your earnings reach $100.

For example, if for the month of June you earned $99, we would hold your check, but if in the next month, your total went over $100 to lets say $101, we would pay everything owed up to July. We simply don't want to take the time to write small checks.

Payment is 15% (fifteen percent) of the net receipts (generally, sales price less transaction costs and returns).

This is the Affiliate program that keeps on giving.

Your link is merely a sales referral mechanism, and creates no relationship between our company and you, except to the extent completed sales come to us through your link(s) and we compensate you for the completed sale referral. Neither party can bind the other to any agreement or obligation. Nor is any party the partner, agent, or representative of the other. Each party may cancel this link and affiliation at any time for any reason.

We reserve the right to refuse a relationship with anyone.  

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