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Marine Aquarium - Apr 2001

SereneScreen Aquarium Version 1.1 Released

It's time to get some fresh virtual fish food; we're rolling out version 1.1 of Jim Sachs's SereneScreen Aquarium on Wednesday, February 20th. This full version fixes many minor issues, but better yet, we're including a bonus! Jim has just finished the creation of a new critter, the Red Volitan Lionfish.

This new creature is a step beyond anything already included in this awesome aquarium recreation. The Lionfish will have moving mouth and gills, as well as the independent movement of the grand, but poisonous pectoral fins. Even the Lionfish's behavior will be uniquely different from the other fish in the tank. Like the regular fish in the Aquarium, you may select as many of the Lionfish as you wish, so you could fill the tank to capacity with Lionfish!

As a thank you to all those who purchased the BETA version of the Aquarium, the Lionfish is included in this upgrade for FREE! Starting Wednesday, new Keycodes will be sent out to all registered customers at the rate of 5,000 per day. This should have everyone upgraded shortly, but please be patient, you'll see the Lionfish in all its glory soon!